Poured in Place Rebinder

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Our Poured in Place Rebinder (TM) is a rubber surface conditioner that rejuvenates poured in place surfaces. It is a must have product for preventive maintenance and to stop granulation and further damage to rubberized surfaces such as playground poured in rubber surfaces, running tracks, splash pads and multi courts surfaced with rubber granules.

  • Each 43lb of Rebinder covers up 1200 sqft of rubber surfacing
  • Will not crust or harden your surface
  • Clear composition so it won’t darken your surface.
  • Aliphatic based, so it is safe to apply to splash pads
  • Easy, DIY application. No need to add solvents
  • Environmentally friendly. No acetone added.
  • Call us for custom shipping quotes on larger orders.


Poured in Place Rebinder™ has zero VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and is safe for use in California.

It also is fast curing, so kids can get back on the playground in no time!

Trassig’s Rebinder ™ is a rubber surface conditioner. It is a low viscosity, aliphatic isocyanate base, moisture cure polyurethane binder developed for conditioning and and rejuvinating of existing EPDM and rubber granule safety surface installations. It is non-yellowing and resistant to common chemicals used to treat water and surfaces in swimming pool and water park installations. The rebinder ™ was developed to provide a one package product to eliminate the necessity of thinning standard aliphatic safety surface binders with solvents in the field to reduce the viscosity for top-coating and refurbishing older existing installations. Using rebinder ™ makes playground rubber flooring maintenance much easier but the rebinder ™ is NOT suitable for mixing with EPDM or rubber granule to produce a troweled in granule/binder surface or patch due to its low viscosity. The rebinder ™ is designed only for top-coating, refinishing, and reconsolidation of existing surfaces. The rebinder ™  exhibits rapid cure rate under a variety of climatic conditions to produce a durable surface that can be open to light traffic in minimum time, making it particularly useful for repair and maintenance of high use areas such as public parks, commercial areas, theme and water parks. The rebinder ™ is a primary skin irritant and can cause sensitization dermatitis.  Avoid skin contact and wear proper protective equipment at all times when handling the product. Consult MSDS before use and observe all recommended safety and handling practices.


Appearance:                                                      Low Viscosity Fluid

Color:                                                                    Clear

Density:                                                               8.95 lbs./Gal.

Viscosity:                                                             800 cps

% Free NCO:                                                      7 %


Tensile Strength (ASTM D 412):                   1400 psi

Elongation (ASTM D 412):                             150 %

Die C Tear (ASTM D 624):                              300 pli


 Each pail will cover up to 1,200 sf area. The coverage will depend on several factors, including the porousness and the general condition of the surface.


The rebinder ™ can be applied by brush, spray, or roller to refinish and re-consolidate existing safety surface installations.  Under typical conditions of installation, The rebinder ™ will cure rapidly to allow light traffic on repaired installations within a relatively short time.

This rubber surface conditioner is designed to cure by reaction with atmospheric moisture. Cure rate is accelerated by high humidity and temperatures and retarded by low humidity and low temperatures. Under conditions of low temperature and/or low humidity, water misting of the surface immediately after installation will speed the cure rate. Ensure that the surface is completely clean and dry before you apply the rebinder. Outside temperatures have to be at least 60 F for a successful application.


The rebinder ™ should be evaluated for color change and cure rate before installation. Surfaces to be re-coated or re-consolidated with the rubber surface conditioner should be test patched to evaluate cure and compatibility with the existing surface conditions.


  • Wear proper protective equipment at all times.
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
  • In the event of eye contact, flush eyes thoroughly with water and seek medical attention.

If you have any questions about the application of the rebinder please call us at: 203-659-0456

Watch the following video to see how easy it is to apply our rubber surface conditioner to playground rubber flooring.


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